Botanical Beach, Vancouver Island

Happy Earth Day-2020!

Grab your headphones and press play for a few minutes of tidepool bliss, recorded in a magical place called Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island, Canada. With each ebb of the tide, streams of briny seawater trickle out of rocky recessions, each a world in itself for mussels, crabs, chitons, anemones, and many other forms of life. Ravens squawk overhead, glancing like us across each pretty thing and puzzling over the grand mystery of it all. Certain places on this planet are hauntingly beautiful, and remain so rich in natural and cultural history that they carry a kind of heaviness only sound can begin to express.
Thank you to the Pacheedaht First Nation for continuing to sustain this place and the staff at Wild Renfrew for helping us experience it.


photos by @elishaj