conservation audio

What is conservation audio?  It begins with a simple premise — that sound is the audible representation of relationships across space and time.  What conservation photography has done to promote love, respect, and admiration for the forms of life on Earth, we are doing for the unique relations between those forms.  Through the combination of high quality sound recordings with stunning digital imagery, soundslikenature invites our audience to cherish, participate in, and above all, conserve global biocultural diversity.

Quality headphones or speakers are highly recommended for the best experience.


Sailing Sounds 1:  Hudson River in 30 Knot Gusts

Botanical Beach, Vancouver Island

Virgin Islands Biodiversity

Lexington Ave/NYC

Trunk Bay at the Waterline

Trunk Bay Tidal Pools

The Baining Fire Dance

Tanna- Mt. Yasur

Santa Ana, Solomon Islands